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About FauxPaul

Paul Ostergaard is the owner and lead artisan here at FauxPaul. With over 20 years of experience in Custom Faux Finishing his experience is second to none. This makes our work an ultimate masterpiece of sorts. When you call on FauxPaul, you call on the best and most qualified person for the job. The art of Faux Finishing is an art firstly and a lifestyle second. Many people that call themselves Faux Finishers go about it as its all fun and games. But this is our life here at FauxPaul. We live to satisfy our customers with whatever design they desire.

With our high attention to detail and level of quality it makes for the best client relationship.We devote our time to make sure that every job gets a 100% attention and to get it done right the first time. To insure that it gets done properly Paul Ostergaard is on sight and will be on every job to see that everything goes to his utmost level of quality. We spend more money on prep than any other Faux Finisher out there. This allows us to do the best work and leave your home in better shape then when we arrived.

We make sure that when you call on FauxPaul your calling on a true artisan of Faux Finishing. Having been an artist from birth FauxPaul does every job as Michael Angelo painted the Sistine Chapel. There is nobody out there with more experience in this line of work. Paul has studied Art more than a Doctor's studied surgery. With over 2000 combined hours of Art Classes the consistency and quality of work is constantly upgrading. Just as in any other craft the work and designs are always changing, so in order to stay on top we commit our lives to changing with the Art and honing our overall artisan-ship.

Being a family run company, we understand the qualities of a good business and what it means to be upstanding in the Communities we work in. As most of our work is on a referral basis its important to build and maintain the quality relationships with our clientele. Since joining the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in 2000 we have a received an A+ rating accreditation.

So give us a call so we can satisfy your design needs.
We won't disappoint.

-Paul Ostergaard--------"Your time and project is important to us, that's why we make sure its done right the first time."