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Custom Residential Faux Interiors & Exteriors-



Some clients imagine an intimate, old-world atmosphere and others prefer contemporary elegance. During our consultation on faux painting, we consider not only the physical elements, such as lighting, flooring and scale, but the homeowners’ vision as well, which is why our work is thoughtfully customized in order to compliment, or transform, the environment.  At FauxPaul we are client orientated as all of our work is a tribute to the homeowner as well as the artists technique.All of our faux finishes consist of 2 to 3 layers applied in various ways so as to achieve subtly differing textures, with each one lending a different “feel.” The consultation, an on-location sample, custom mixing of colors, and sheen choices assure our client of the perfect faux painting, adding depth and warmth to the space.

Ten years ago the term “faux painting” (faux means “fake” in French) was reserved for anything that mimicked a natural element, such as marble or wood grain. Now, with the popularity of all types of decorative paint finishes, decorative painters have adopted the word faux as an umbrella term for glazing, marbling, subtractive sponging, color wash, combing, rag rolling, and actual faux finishes. 


Spanning continents and millennia, faux painting such as marbleizing from Ancient Pompeii and European wall treatments have inspired the decorative painting done in Boston residences. With FauxPaul's 20 years experience, talent and versatility, the customer is assured superior results in a surprisingly short amount of time. We want our clients to love the look and feel of their home.
Just Some of the Residential Faux Services We Offer
    • Our "World Renown Pounded Copper Faux" Has yet to be replicated by another company. Its our speciality here at Faux Paul.
    • Faux Marble Finishes
    • Suede Marble Finishes
    • Faux Leather Finishes
    • Exterior European Finishes
    • Gold, Silver and Copper Leafing
    • Bellagio Faux Finish
    • Italian Fresco Textures
    • Faux Granite
    • Color Rag Blending
    • Crackle Finishes & Distressing
    • Reptile Plaster Faux Finishes
    • Exterior Faux Finishes
    • Canterra-Custom Home Color Tinting  "Get rid of the pink and keep the Beauty of the Stone"
    • Garage Door Faux Finishes
    • Stair Railing Faux Painting
    • Metal/Metallic Faux Finishes
    • Furniture Faux Finishes
    • Faux Tortoise Shell
    • Morroccan Tadlekt
    • Slate Rock Faux Texture
    • French Washing
    • Old World Finishes