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A Venetian Plaster finish can range in sheen and texture from a smooth highly polished marble-like finish to a distressed, stone-like Tuscan appearance. Using actual ground limestone and marble dust in a lime putty, walls can have the authentic feel of stone. We can apply this special plaster in an infinite variety of color combinations to coordinate and enhance your décor. Venetian Plaster is applied with a trowel in multiple layers, which determines the color and dimension of the finished wall. The surface is literally a layer of stone more durable than drywall and up to 1/8" thick. The result is an allergy free, mildew resistant, and long lasting durable finish. Our durable and highly polished Venetian plaster that we install in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area is a finish for life. Once it has our special Solvent based Venetian plaster wax, it done for life. Ready for enjoyment.

Much like fine red wine, your sealed Venetian Plaster finish will not fade, but will become more beautiful with age, adding to the uniqueness and value of your home or business.