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Custom Finishes-

Custom Finishes are finishes that are either designed for a certain look and color or because they have over 7 steps to them or custom because they are a one of a kinds for the artist or company. Most of the work we do are custom because we take one of our hundreds of textures and then combine them with color glazes out of the clients color pallet to make a harmonious blend of color and texture on the clients walls.

Ostrich skin, reptile, alligator and polished plaster are just a few examples of the custom finishes with 7 steps or more that we do. Then there are the one of a kinds. The one that is getting us national attention is our pounded copper finish. It is our own product and our own process. That allows us to actually pound the plaster. Another one of a kind finish is an old recipe we found that makes wallpaper out of rolls of muslin material. We've combined it with gold leaf for a real rich and dramatic effect.

The difference in our custom finishes is our commitment to excellence in our art, and our vast amount of experience and knowledge in Faux Finishes and Custom plaster work.