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Custom Faux Cabinet Refinishing-

Looking for a solution to updating worn or outdated cabinets? Worried about the high cost of replacement, re-facing, or stripping? Worry no more. Cabinet Faux Finishing is becoming ever more popular. Using Faux Finishing products and various faux painting techniques we can give you any look or color you want with a high end faux finish. The fastest, most dramatic, and affordable way to change the look and the feel of a kitchen or bathroom is to refinish the existing cabinetry. The cost of cabinetry refinishing is considerably much less then that of replacement. Its convenient as well.  There is no disruption to your lifestyle, everything remains functional and accessible and the best of all is there is no dust and no mess. The majority of our work is done off-site. The only time we spend in your home is to paint the cabinet frame and remove and re-install the newly finished cabinet doors and drawers.
How do we do it? There are no short cuts, its all about hard work. That hard work always pays off when we look at the final product.  We use the techniques that have been passed down by master furniture finishers for centuries and combining them with the latest products on the market. FauxPauls artisans can produce cabinet finishes  from simple wood toning or shading to the super custom, mega-layered finishes similar to the harbersham furniture line. We offer custom cabinet finishes like, Faux Wood Graining, Distressing, Crackle Finishes, Aluminum & Gold Leafing, stainless steel, Hemingway, leathers and so much more. All of our cabinetry has a varnish or lacquer clear coat that is water resistant and highly durable.

Because we do all our own custom finishes we have the ability to give our clients a unique product that's hard to reproduce. Each finish we do at FauxPaul is individually unique on its own. We pride ourself in the ability to take something mundane and turn it into an exquisite piece of art. Whether you have new cabinets or worn out cabinets we will give you the best Faux Finish for your homes style, turning your kitchen or bathroom into a masterpiece of artwork.