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Faux Wood Beams, Wood Graining and Corbels and Columns-

Faux wood beams are the latest addition to our list of services here at FauxPaul. These high density foam beams are custom crafted and lightweight and have the look of real rough cut wood. We manufacture, install and custom paint our beams to match any area of your homes interior or exterior. Besides beams we offer planks, shutters, scuppers and window trims.

Wood graining is a high art based on centuries of tradition. Ancient cultures, such as the Chinese, Egyptians and Romans, used it to create the illusion of something they admired but had very little of-Wood. Called Faux Bois in Europe, these techniques never cost popularity there for much of the same reason, they are becoming more popular here in America  as once plentiful supplies of wood dwindle and finish grade wood becomes more expensive. Woods such as mahogany, Burl, Tortoise Shell, Oak and Maple can be accurately reproduced. Using many Faux Finishing and Faux painting techniques we can recreate any look of a variety of wood.

Like wood graining, Faux Stone Finishes is also a high art and is steeped in history. Stone such as Marble, Slate, Travertine and Canterra can be expensive to purchase but they can be reproduced at a fraction of the cost. For the best effect, place the Faux stone finishes where you would expect to find it- on columns, baseboards, crown moldings and fireplace surrounds.

The use of wood beams and Vigas (Exposed wood beams) are early South American Indian and Mayan architecture. The increasing amount of homes that are set to imitate southwestern Native American architecture has brought a trend of more and more exposed wood in the Southwestern styled homes. The Vigas are almost all hand hewn to get the right effect as no machine could ever imitate the accurate appearance.

Here at FauxPaul we want to bring you the design that will help style your own home. Whether it be with Faux Beams or decorative corbels we can help make you submerge your home into the warmth of the MesoAmerican architecture.

The variety of Faux Designs we can employ are endless. Whatever the theme or design you want we can use to make your dream design come true.